Stefanie Nieuwenhuyse

Department: Fashion&Design
Project title: tag goed

The inspiration of my collection is derived through a growing interest of the aspects of the “productivity of the human body” and the interest is also derived from my own personal experience with my ankles.

Accidents and operations, deficiency on the bone and muscles and the possibilities and impossibilities to wear modern footwear, which enable you to move forward have made such an impact that I sooner or later had to do something about this matter.

These experiences gave me positive thoughts which led to deeper investigations towards the phenomenal “productivity of the human body” in connection with culture and fashion aspects.

The human body,  the movement and shape of muscles serves as a source for the “translation” towards my collection.

In the collection we are confronted with lots of influences created by lingerie and formed silhouettes.

The color and color accents are also based on colors of the human body: beige, bordeaux, oil, purple, blood red and black.

The materials which were used are natural and supple, transparent fabrics such as transparent silk and supple leather.

The accents of the beads are not only for the finishing touch but suggest a form of stiffness. This is used to portray how supple and productive the human body is and  contrary how stiff( bones) can only be reshaped with special aids. (screws in bones to repair the fracture)

Fotograaf: Vrederick

Visagiste: Marije Koelewijn

Model: Angela Groen